Thursday, December 25, 2014


Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Zero Style* yukikaze * (Raven) (L$300)
Body: UTILIZATOR - Kemono (L$900)
Skin Applier For Kemono & M3: Underneath The Acorn Tree - Sweet Little Vampire (L$450)
Eyes: :Sugoipop: - Asmodeous (L$100)
Ears: [WISH] - Fuzzy Foxy Ears (L$295)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} - Somali Neko Tail (L$295)

Suit: [Baby Bats] - Victorian Boy Bloody (L$249)

Shoes[Baby Bats] - Kemono Victorian Shoes (L$97)
Lollipop[Baby Bats] - Wienerlolli (L$69) (L$199 fatpack)


I went on a baby bats binge... Haha! Freaking love that store! Such an adorable arrangement of clothes for femboys! The outfit comes with the suit, the wrist bands, the tophat, and the eyepatch. There are many different variations of it as well.~ The skin I got comes with quite a few blood options and comes in male and female for the kemono avi. The bite marks are at the ribs, wrist, thigh, and neck to make it vampire. Because of the shoes I had to use the kemono kinda look not human, so I added cute little ears and a tail. A Nekopire was born~ The Red orbs are just... red orbs... MASSIVE AMOUNT OF BLOOD BENDING!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

News: PhoenixHome Community Services

A few posts ago I mentioned I worked in a G&S sim. I would like to go further on that topic. What I do on the farm is anything from cooking to collecting, to hugging trees and birthing animals. It takes a ton of work to get it done but it's fun. The proceeds of what is gotten from people buying from our store is given to a real life charity named PhonixHomes Community Services. I have asked her a few questions about the charity.

What is your Mission Statement?

A successful Community is one that WORKS TOGETHER for the benefit of each member within it!

We believe that EVERY member of a community should be involved with PheonixHome, if you have time, money, talent or skill you can participate. If you have none of that, you learn from those that do! Our job is to find out where you are in life and where you want to be and get you there as fast as possible by pairing you with the people that can help you most. 

Our Motto is "Rise from the Ashes with Us"

What is PhoenixHome Community Services? 

We help at risk teens and young adults that may be on a dangerous road, to get the help they need to become productive members of their communities. We help them out of toxic situations such as dangerous family environments, or possible criminal connections. We provide much need services like housing, food, education, clothing, help with school work, carreer and personal councelling 

Where is it based IRL?

Windsor Ontario, Canada, but we plan to expand throughout Canada and hopefully the world, but teaching others how to run a PheonixHome Pyre House in thier own community 

How can I get involved ISL?

Contact Aldora Magic and talk about different ways to raise funds

What is G&S?

A interactive farmlike lifestyle, where you raise animals and feilds and use what you raise to feed your animals and yourself and sell your overstock in a market or through groups. This only one way to raise funds for PhoenixHome Community Services in SL

How can I get involved IRL?

Contact us by email ( through the website and start learning how to help in your community

Website here: 
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I have recently picked up pony play! Yes, this is very much a fetish wear post, but it'll help! I swear! Not really, i just want to show off -.- lol! Ok I have set up four looks for myself in pony gear, and I'm going to show you them all! 

First up is my original Pony gear (Frilly). I have been set up wtih all of the pony gear made by MD. The hand hooves, the hooves, the tail, and the bridle. I love the pony boots because of the training. It comes with a built in pony ao and sound. Training is easy to do when you have a flat place to do it, such as Pretty Prancing Ponies. The hand hooves match the pony boots. Coloring when you have all of these items works wonders because they all have the samecolor option menu. It takes some time to do it in a unique color but with the menu's its simple. MD is a little pricy for everything but if you're going to get into ponyplay, Your hoof boots and bridle are your most important thing, bridle before anything!

I have the [H]arsh female harness in most of my pony outfits. It is the best harness out there for femboys, in my opinion. The ownership part of it is a little odd, but I like the look as it does not go right over the genital area like most female harnesses do. It also clips on my hips because I have it as small as I can get to my body, but no one seems to mind lol. Custom fitting starts at L$850. It does come together in the back right where your hole would be, but my buttplug hides that ;3

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Platinum) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: InkHeart - Dorian Eyes - Halloween 2 (L$1)

Panties: <-NINFANIUM-> - Silky Undies {BB PINK} (L$39)
Cuffs: Mesmerize Dungeon - Leather Cuffs (L$900)
Bridle: Mesmerize Dungeon - Head Harness (L$650)
Boot Hooves: Mesmerize Dungeon - Pony Knee Boots (L$750)
Hand hooves: Mesmerize Dungeon - Pony Mittens (L$350)
Butt Plug Tail: Mesmerize Dungeon - Pony Tail (L$350)
Harness: [H]arsh - Female Harness (L$750 for one size)(L$1000 for all sizes)

LocationFabulous Pony Ranch

The second look is my work horse! If you have read my previous posting, you read that I worked at a G&S farm, right? Well! Being a pony is hard work, and I get mess a lot! So, instead of getting my self filthy, I strip on down to the bare minimal. That is, a thong, my new restraint, and my bridle. So much fun~ The only complaint I have on this avi, is the mud overlays, they are not on tattoo layers for the slink, but skin. I have made this avi a little less human in the eyes this time :3 I got lazy on the pictures, sorry...

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Platinum) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Usagi Happi - Ghoul Eyes (L$99)

Thong: Sensations - Bulge Thong (L$295)
Binder: Real Restraint - Armbinder (L$600)
Bridle: Mesmerize Dungeon - Head Harness (L$650)
Butt Plug Tail: Mesmerize Dungeon - Pony Tail (L$350)
Feet: Slink - Female Mid (L$675)
Mud: Mad' - Mud (L$150)
Mask: Obscure - Bushido Mask (not sure)
Dirt: Laus - Dirty Body tattoo (L$50)

Location: Avalonia Empire

My last look I am going to take a picture with my mare! This is my normal tack now. If you notice, my boots and mittens are new, I also have a tattoo! That tattoo reads "sNr class 1 animal" I am a pony at Stone n Rubber, class one. Meaning I can roam free, hear IMs, but in open chat, I can not hear a thing~ I can hear emotes though, words come out like this: 

[14:42] ℑun Λngel (dante184 Resident): ...

[14:42] . ℑun Λngel: ░░░! 

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Platinum) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Usagi Happi - Ghoul Eyes (L$99)

Thong: Sensations - Bulge Thong (L$295)
Mittens: Restrained Freedom - Mesh Mittens (L$500)
Bridle: Mesmerize Dungeon - Head Harness (L$650)
Butt Plug Tail: Mesmerize Dungeon - Pony Tail (L$350)
Boots: Kcrations - Pony Thighboots (L$500)
Harness: [H]arsh - Female Harness (L$750 for one size)(L$1000 for all sizes)
Necklace: .Atomic. - {Unicorn Horn} Necklace (L$500)

Model: ℑun Λngel (dante184 Resident)

Hair: Truth - Kalista (No longer on sale)
Skin: Tokyo Girl - Nan Pale (L$1400)
Shape: ~Poshi~ - Demon Femboy shape 2013 (L$100) *Edited*
EyesNoirOptix - Arctic Blue Eyes (L$99)

Bridle: Mesmerize Dungeon - Head Harness (L$650)
Cuffs: Mesmerize Dungeon - Leather Cuffs (L$900)
Butt Plug Tail: Mesmerize Dungeon - Kitten Tail (L$350)
Boots: Random Inspiration ! - HoH No.026 (L$250)
Harness: Alyce - Naughty Harness (L$100)
Tattoo: Sensations (brands) - Slut (L$75)

I want to give a big thank you to the people at Wild PonyGirl Stables for allow me to take pictures! You guys rock :3 

I also want to mention that my pink thigh high boots, DO have a shine on them, but by the time I remembered my windlight didn't allow the shine to come through, I had Angel on that pose ball lagging way too long so I left it be. So I repeat! It does have shine and look like latex!

Pony play is something that most people have heard of in secondlife, but not experienced too much. It seems, sadly, that there always more ponies than trainers, as well as a lack of sims dedicated to Pony Play. My stable is Stone-n-Rubber, as I've said before, but I visit others as well, and they are all very friendly if you visit.
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News! I'm back!

I am sorry for the lack in posting! D: For a long while my computer was broken, and now in SL I've taken up to being a ponyboy, the tack being locked on. I'll make a post about that later, I've found some really good stuff to use for femboys ^,.,^ This post is just a little bit of everything!

First off, Stuff I'm selling inworld!


I am selling G&S tapestries. G&S is a system used mostly by RP medieval sims and gorean sims. It makes the farming, cooking, stamina, eating thing all real. The G&S tapestries are made by first birthing a verr (Sheep). I wait until it is old enough, then shear it. After I shear it, I take the wool to the spinning chair and spin the wool into thread (takes about 10-15 minutes). I need 7 threads to make a tapestries. Then I take the threads to my loom and weave it (about 5 minutes per thread). Then I modify it a little, choose tapestry or rug, then apply an image. 

Thankfully, I work on a G&S farm and the Mistress there allows me to take thread home sometimes. These tapestries take a ton of time to do and I'm offering you them for L$25. Due to their no copy, no mod nature, it takes some time to make them, so if you want a custom picture put on them, I'll ask for an additional L$10. That will cover the upload fee.

Right now, I have six anime tapestries up for sale, each with a grain to it to make it look like fabric. I have seven anime images. Look below.


I have a ton of Fennux I want to get rid of. Foxy and Kenyas. They're priced at $L25-$L82. 
 Click here and sort by seller 'Itonami Hilltop' To see what I have. They are named by their coat and price, the price is half off inworld.

I also have dwarfins! Dwarfins are dwarfs, really adorable dwarfs. I'm not going to go into a whole thing about their backstory or whatever... I have new and old traits. From L$289-L$994. I price my dwarfins at 1/6 of their MSRP price. If the price is incorrect, I'll change it.
Dwarfins website

All prices on breedables are negotiable!


Ok! The good stuff! I have been obsessed with Attack on titan lately, And I have put out a freebie! They are slink nails that have the wings of freedom on them! If you look through past notices you should be able to find it. Once I clear out my breedables, I'll look into putting up my freebies in there. I have also found--A Free Attack on titan uniform! It is Fit Mesh with an option for boys and girls, as well as changing the symbol on the back. If you buy the DEMO you will get the uniform for free, as well as a trial of WORKING 3D Maneuver Gear. If you want a full system 3DMG, it is L$700. It is made by *Edelweiss* and rocks. If you take your gear and kill a set amount of titans at Wall Edelweiss, you get extra gifts, including; A potato, poses, the scout cape, Annie's jacket, Mikasa's scarf, and Levi's... neck.. thing... 

Link to the store, it is inworld only!

Well, that's it for now guys, see ya!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dancer by Day

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

By day:
Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Light Red) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: InkHeart - Dorian Eyes - Halloween 2 (L$1)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Gos - Barefeet Flat (L$595)

Outfit~Soedara~ - Elysian Tiamat {Night Creature} (L$399)

By Night:

HairDura - Boys&Girls 51 (Black) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: InkHeart - Dorian Eyes - Halloween 2 (L$1)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Gos - Barefeet Flat (L$595)

Outfit: [TGW] - Desert Girl (L$200)

LocationBellydance Goddess Oasis

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Child of Night

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Platinum) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Az Designs - Macabre 1 Sky (L$50)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)

Outfit: Frozen Night - Dress Suit [black] for boys (L$250)
BootsCattiva e Cattivo - Victorian Black Boots (L$50)
Nail Applier: Crebain - Hallow (Free)
Blood: Corvus - Bloody Lips (L$30)

Location: Darkwood Castle (A)

“Mortal minds with thoughts can bend;
Home is darkness, where I hide,
Every beginning must start with an end.
Touch not the sun, oh poisoned light,
But embrace the silver temptress moon;
Make your sanctuary the velvet night,
The wolf’s howl is your mother’s croon.
Blood is wine, flesh divine,
Nary a prayer will halt your will;
Garlic, silver, nor holy sign, --
Only the sun makes your blood stop still.
So be wary, child of the night,
Let no mortal know of your bloody endeavor;
Sleep with the rising of the sun, tainted light,
Safe with the thought that you’ll live forever.”

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What does the fox say?!

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Platinum) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Az Designs - Ice Blue (L$1)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Slink - Female Mid (L$675)
Paw PadsSlink - Claw Nails (L$150)

Body Suit/Ears/Tail: Sugar Button - Brit Tit Hunt Item (L$1)
Skirt: <-NINFANIUM-> - Mikiki Tutu ($175)
Collar: Moy Toy! - Kitty Collar (L$195)
Lipstick"*Baby*: - Sparkling Lipstick (L$1)
Nom: On my mind - Waffle Nom (Free)
Nail Appliers: Te*Amo - "Trick or Treat!" (Free)

So! I was walking around with this new outfit out and I got so many "What does the fox say?" Comments... So I'm here to tell you what the fox says. "Anything I want!" Haha. This was just the result of bordom and being on marketplace... It was a free outfit to make (well, L$2) and I found it cute~ 

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mimi Maid Service

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Girls 48 (Black) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ - Hybrid Eyes (Blush) (L$1)
Hands: Slink -  Female Fist (L$450)

Outfit: *Cila* - Cafe Uniform (L$160)
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - Elegant Dolly (L$390 fatpack) (L$125 Single)
Server*Edelweiss* - Tray for waitress and house maid (L$300)
Tail: c( Two Cats ) - Animated Wolf Tail (L$295)
Ears: [WISH] - Fuzzy Fox Ears (L$295)

If you go to the middle of the forest, good and lost, you will find a cafe ran by the kemonomimi of the forest. Wolves, rabbits, squirrels, they are all there to keep you company and feed you the best of the forests foods while you rest and help you find your way out of the forest.

There was a notice a while back in the Harajuku-Lolita Union that there was a new professional maid outfit out! And I had to go get it, me and my maid fetish and all. I was not expecting it to be so cute! It comes in both a male and female version and is fitmesh! Hell yeah! I love Fitmesh! 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Wild Wolf

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Girls 48 (Black) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800) (Appliers coming soon)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Az - Promo Brown (L$5)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Slink - Female Mid (L$675)
Paw Pads: Slink - Claw Nails (L$150)

OutfitTorvis Weapons- Nagore Panther Outfit (L$100)
Tail: c( Two Cats ) - Animated Wolf Tail (L$295)
Ears: [WISH] - Fuzzy Fox Ears (L$295)
Penis: Rut - Joystick 2 (L$450)
Body Paint: Gor Gurls - Gor Gets Feral (

Location: Image Essentials

I'ma wolf! Roar! I mean... woof!! Hehe. I wanted to be a fox.. But I just fell in love with the animated wolf tail, so I became a wolf! I also did no editing on these photos other than cropping! Of course... I probably should have fix the matching foot to leg color to hide my poor color matching skills... Haha.

The outfit from Torvis comes with a melee weapon, as do most of their outfits. For 100L? its amazing, though sizing is a little hard since I cant manually do it, only resizer...

Click the picture to see it bigger! :D I just couldn't crop that top photo...

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Lolita Bones

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Girls 48 (Black) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800) (Appliers coming soon)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ - Doll Eyes (Blind) (L$1)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)

Outfit: Rotten Toe - Lolita Bones Dress (Black And White) (L$450)
Shoes: Dark Midday Designs - Elegant Dolly (L$390 fatpack) (L$125 Single)
Socks: Rotten Toe - Black And White Mesh Shoes and Socks (L$50)
Lipstick: Pink Acid - White Lipstick (L$50)

LocationImage Essentials

I've had my eye on this dress since it came out way back when! It is just soooo freaking... cuuuttee! I love it. It sorta reminds me of a carnival in the neck corset, but my favorite part is the waist corset. Why? Candy in the belly! I eat a ton of candy and cookies and this outfit just awesomely shows it.

The shoes are meant to be worn alone, but I always put the with sockies, cuz they're just too cute! The shoes and socks from Rotten Toe I've put these to have a linden layer so you dont have to use the shoes if you dont want to.

The last thing I want to say in this post is go to Image Essentials! Its freaking amazing! I have done previous posts in their forest setting, and one of their props settings, and now in the manor! They have quite a few prop studios, but also scenes including; Beach, bamboo garden, dark forest, fall forest, the lake, meadow, willow pond, and a winter scene. Freaking amazing! You have to join the group to rez and use the props, and this is all free!

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sand Dancer

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

HairAlice Project - Summer Fun Day 2 (L$50)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: InkHeart - Dorian Eyes - Halloween 2 (L$1)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Gos - Barefoot  (L$595)

Outfit: Angel Wings - Coin Silks (L$25)
Lipstick: Tilly - Multi-colored lipstick (Black) (Free)
Collar: Moy Toy! - Kitty Collar (L$195)

Location: Abanimations (Outside the store)

Ah~ There is always a reason why I love belly dancers... I havnt a clue what it is, but I know its there! Tehe. Alice Project is doing a summer fun thing. Every day between May 27 - June 10th a new hair will be put out. If you get it on the day they come out, you get two packs with 5 colors in them FREE. If you're a Alice Project VIP, you can get the exclusive colors free. If you miss a day, they will be priced at L$50. I think that's a steal for 5 colors!

I also have always loved Angelwing. They have many fantasy outfits (all for girls, but I make them work) And they're all for 25L! And yes, the pose is a quick snapshot of a belly dancing. And just to set the music...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In a Rainy Town, Balloons Dance with Devils

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

HairAlice Project - Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift (L$50)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes+ Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful + - + Nightmare eyes + (L$10, Free inworld)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)

Outfit: Kawaii Japan - Shiro Lolita Umi (L$200)
Lipstick: Tilly - Multi-colored lipstick (Black) (Free)
Nail AppliersIngenious Fantasy - Gray V-Line Nails (Free in the Harajuku-lolita Union)
Balloon: I have no clue where I got this...
Collar: Moy Toy! - Kitty Collar (L$195)

"In a rainy town, demons whisper, “ranbara, ranbara, ranbara”
Searching for what they’ve lost
Faint sounds in your sleep, just as you breathe, “rohjira, rohjira, rohjira”
And they don’t notice, and they don’t notice"

Freaking creepy song... But I love it! I've been listening to fukuwa's version of this song for soooo long... I figure 'hey, why not see Mikus' and up popped the simple picture of Miku I could probably do... So I did it! I know my Bloon isn't red like it should be.. But I still love my bloon.

The outfit from Kawaii Japan is adorable and does come with shoes! It was easy to resize to what I needed it to be to fit my avi. 

Also... I normally set my snapshots to be 4000x2046 But my viewer had set it to 6016x3105... so the image itself... is MASSIVE....Dunno how big it gets on flicker... But I put it on a different site and when I zoomed in, all i could see is the white of the corner...

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

News: Crooked Laugh

Hello! In a few of my posts I've mentioned Crooked Laugh. Many of you may not know it, but this is my store! I sell a little bit of everything. Gestures, Mused Pump Tanks, and now Slink Nail appliers (Fingers and toes)! I make exclusive nails for the group Harajuku-Lolita Union. You may have seen my post on this group (Or the lack of... I just linked it to the main post). Joining this [group] and accessing the past notices will get you the the three nails below. All except the fire nail have other colors available in my [store].

I am planning on making an exclusive color of all my upcoming nail packs and releasing them to this group, so if you want free nails, join the group. Friendless bunch of people I know!

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Good Kitty

Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 51 (Light Red) (L$360 fatpack) (L$120 Single)
SkinFlamboyant - Skylar Fair (L$800)
ShapeFlamboyant - Skylar (L$500) 
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Creature eyes - 06 (L$80)
Hands: Slink -  Female Fist (L$450)

Ears/feet: Artificial Hallucination - Anime Cat Mod Light White (L$450)
Tail: [NoRe!] - White Mew Mew Tail! (Free MM board)
CollarSpazztastic Creations - Neck Bow (L$75)
Cuffs: RealRestraint - Vixen Set 
Tattoo!K&L! - Rainbow Rave Paint (Free)
Shirt: Happy Undead - Tank Top (white) (L$10)
Skirt: <-NINFANIUM-> - Mikiki Tutu (L$175)
Nail Applier: Crooked Laugh - Sins (gluttony) (L$50)

Hello! I'm back again after taking a break of posting! Today I bring you another neko like outfit. I first can across the tail in a cute Midnight madness that I just had to have... With the tail, I put together this outfit of the things I had in my inventory. 

The ears and feet are from an utalizator and M3 mod, but they are unrigged so it is easy to make an alpha for them and put them on a linden avi. Both the tail and collar are mod and I could turn them to the color I liked, I chose a pinky color for the bows. I have had this outfit made and ready to take a photo of for a few days--but I was lazy and happily sitting on my friend's lap... sounds like a cat, right?
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