Sunday, May 31, 2015


Model: Vashti (Itonami Hilltop)

Hair: Magika - Give [01] (L$250)
Skin: Pink Fuel - Crystal Doll ($2000)
ShapeFlamboyant - Jacob(L$500) 
Eyes: Az - Promo Brown (L$5)
Hands: Slink - Female Casual (L$450)
Feet: Slink - Female Mid (L$675)
Booty: [Banned] - Fitmesh Booty (L$899)
Mouth: Loud mouth - Alli (L$786)

Pants: %.:EC:. - Albane (L$99)
Wings: Sensations - Angel Wing (L$1000)
Ears: [MANDALA] - Steking Ears (L$677)
Brand: Evermore - Brand of Sacrifice (L$150)

Location: Storybook Rift

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Post two: Under 10L

(title thing taken from Nearly Free Stuff)

Freebies found (under 10L)

Red is FREE
Green is 1L
Blue is 2-10L

Marketplace Finds

●= Unisex/furniture

Regent Table 1L
    Full perm, 1 prim

Frog Jetski Free
    12 Prims

Flower Grass Textures Free
    Full Perm Texture

Bird nest with animated Bird and babies Free
    Not sure if it's sculpt or mesh

Medical bed Free
    Mesh, 4 prims

Antique Jars Free
    Sculpt, 1 prim each

Gray eyes (high quality) 1L
    They looked to be prim or mesh

Colorful Lamp Free
    Mesh, 3 prims

Super Car Free

Candle on lily pad Free
    Sculpt, 4 prims full perm

    14 Prims

Look Eyes Fire Free

    Saying on belly

Sparrow bird Free
    15 chirps, 2 songs, scupt

    6-9 prims 

Pamela 1L

    8 variations 

A moment of comfort 1L
    Mesh, quite a few more dollerables in the store

    Mesh Sunglasses

    Mesh, check the store, there's a few things for free

    Check the store for more free shapes

    Check the store for more packs and freebies
    6 colors


Heart Cut Back Tank Top Free
    Mesh, limited quantities!

Strapless Bridal corset dress Free
    Full perm, mesh

Inworld Finds

Post Glogg Service Free
    2-2.25 land impact

FLG Pretty Girl bear sweater Free
    Mesh, Group gift, Group is free

( r e d ) M i n t Free
    Mesh, fitmesh. Group Gift, group is free

Pose Me Amazing Free
    Pose, group is free

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Post One: Under 10L

(title thing taken from Nearly Free Stuff)

Freebies found (under 10L)

Red is FREE
Green is 1L
Blue is 2-10L

Marketplace Finds

●= Unisex/furniture

Mesh vase with roses 9L
    Comes in pink, yellow, purple, white, red, blue. A TON of stuff 10L in the store.

Silent Hill Walker 10L
    Comes with 6 different walkers

Mesh Crowns Free
   Three different styles

Songbird 1L
    Free inworld

Holiday Rug Free

Frozen Gift Free
    System Layer

Sugar and Cyanide
    Mostly everything in this store is 10L. SLink shoes, Tango appliers, mesh clothing, sockies

Better Free

Gina Shape 10L
    A cute girly shape, free inworld

Totoro Shirt Free

Kawii V-neck 1L
    Mesh, pink, looks like... Jiggly puff face~

Seductive Angel's Sweetheart Shape 1L
    Another cute shape

Christmas outfit 5L

Off Shoulder Lace Dress Free

Anti-christmas christmas shirt 10L

Butterfly Tattoo 1L
    System Layer

Doll Socks 10L
    Sock, pants, and underpants layer. there are some other things under 10L in the store)

Fulana's September Group Gift 10L
    Pink and black system layer outfit with tangos appliers

Bitch Black Top 10L
   Comes with Lolas and Lush. Quite a few things under 10L in the store as well.

Snowy Socks (Purple and red) 1L
     TMP, SLink Physique, SLink feet, Belleza Venus, Phat Azz.

Snowflake nails Free
    Slink nails with a snowflake on it

Snowflake Dress Free

Kitsi Dress 1L Appliers 1L
    TMP, Phat & Cute azz, Lolas, baby bump (When you buy the appliers, the dress itself only comes with TMP)

Simple Black Sweater 10L
    Mesh. Check related items for halloween patterns

Super cute tights and slink nails 5L
    Slink, phat azz, cute azz

Little Lolita Navy 10L
    A cute navy dress, mesh. Comes in Pink & floral pattern as well

I <3 you tops 10L

Kawaii Skull nails 10L

Deer Teddy Free
    Full perm mesh

Winged snowflake key 10L
    Free inworld (group gift)

Inworld Finds

    For slink high feet, group gift, group is free

    Lolas, Phat azz, and slink. Group gift, group is free.

( r e d ) M i n t Free
    Mesh, fitmesh. Group Gift, group is free

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